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Please note the following searches are obtained in relation to each transaction and note the following information can be obtained from the searches and have a very serious effect on a buyers decision whether to proceed with a purchase:

1. Local Authority Search

The Local Authority search details the planning history in relation to the property and will enable us to consider for example any breaches of planning permission there may have been. The search also detailed building regulations applications and completion certificates to enable us to confirm all building works have been undertaken with appropriate consent and signed off as compliant with building regulations approval and a building regulations completion certificate obtained confirming the works have been completed so as to comply with building regulations requirements.

The search also provides any nearby planning proposals and the status of the roads serving the development, namely whether they are privately owned and subject to a bond agreement between the developer and Local Authority or whether they have now been adopted by The Local Authority and are therefore maintainable at the public expense.

The search can reveal that the property or nearby land or property is subject to a compulsory purchase order.

In certain circumstances, the search can reveal any proposals or recent planning applications for nearby land or property. 

2. Water & Drainage Search

The Drainage search confirms amongst other things whether the sewers have been adopted and are thus maintainable by The Water Authority and at public expense or whether they remain the responsibility of the developer and if so whether the developer is subject to a bond agreement to maintain to a reasonable standard pending adoption by the water Authority. Additionally, the search will confirm whether there are any public sewers within the boundary of the property that may affect any plans you had to extend the property. The search will also confirm whether the property is susceptible to flooding form over loaded public sewers or whether the property is liable to receive low water pressure, and also the location of the nearest sewerage works. There are numerous enquires answered within the search that may well have a bearing on your decision to proceed. Please note that the property will connect to any public sewer via a length of private drainage and you will be responsible for the maintenance and repairs for that drainage. You should therefore consider taking out private drainage insurance.

3. Environmental Search

The Environmental search reveals amongst other things whether a property is situated on or close to contaminated land and is free from any contaminated land issues affecting the land. It also states whether the property is located within a potential flooding area. The search reveals numerous details relating to the property and the surrounding area, some of which may affect your decision whether to proceed. The search would provide information that would affect the value of the property or provide you with piece of mind that the land and surrounding area is safe from any defect. Examples of the information provided within the search includes the location of nearby landfill sites which close proximity can have a detrimental effect on the value of property, any nearby locations that are authorised to use radioactive substances, storage of hazardous or dangerous substances, any contraventions of pollution causing incidents and many more issues that may influence your decision whether to proceed with the purchase of the property. The search also notes the close proximity of any past or present industrial land use. 

4. Chancel Liability Search

The Chancel Search reveals whether a property is subject to a potential liability to pay Chancel liability and confirms the cost of protecting against the liability if established.

5. Flood Report

The report confirms amongst many other things whether there have been insurance claims within the post code are due to flooding, and whether the property or the area is susceptible to flooding.

6. Coal Mining Search

The coal mining search would reveal the existence of any nearby coal mine entries and history of coal mining in the area and whether the property is likely to be in an area sufficiently close to any formerly worked mines  as would be effect the property

7. Development Search

Please note that we can obtain a development search in relation to your property and the nearby area for a cost of £90. The search will provide information detailing any land within 75 metres of the property that may be suitable for development and any nearby planning history including planning permissions granted or declined. The search provides a valuable insight in to nearby land that may be developed in the future and may affect your decision whether to proceed.

8. Structural survey

We strongly advise our clients to obtain a full survey of the property they are proposing to purchase regardless of whether they are taking a mortgage in which case they will receive a mortgage valuation only. A buyer is not entitled to rely on the mortgage valuation as it is prepared for the lenders purpose and not for the buyer. It is also provided merely to ensure the lenders security and interests are protected.

It is not for a seller to inform a buyer of any defect with a property or any of the installations within the property, including the central heating, electrics or any other aspect of the property. It is completely for a buyer to satisfy themselves with regard to the condition and fabric of the property by way of survey, inspection and enquiry.


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