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Seymour Luke Licensed Conveyancers


Once your sale has been agreed, and we are instructed to act on your behalf, we will liaise with your estate agent’s, if applicable. We will obtain confirmation of the sale price and even at this early stage, we will make enquiries regarding a completion date and we will ensure that everyone is working towards a specific completion date. If an actual date is not agreed, we will endeavour to ensure that all parties are working towards a completion date at the earliest opportunity. It is imperative, particularly in the current economic climate, that your buyer, your buyer’s legal advisors and any other party involved in the transaction does not sit back and wait for completion to take place.

At the very outset of the legal process, we will forward to you protocol forms (sellers property information form and fittings and contents form) that must be completed and sent on to your buyers legal advisors. This will be sent out to you by email if you agree and we request that all forms are completed and returned to us without delay in order that we may send them on to the buyers’ solicitors. At this stage, we will obtain updated office copy entries and a plan to the property from our on-line HM land Registry portal account. Contracts are then drafted and sent to the buyers solicitors immediately to enable them to request searches at the very outset.

We will immediately request a redemption figure from your lender / lenders and once received, we will draft a completion statement for your consideration. This will include the redemption costs, our legal costs, estate agents costs, and any other fees that you ask us to pay for you. It will also show the sum due to you on completion.

Your buyers’ legal advisors will raise enquiries, which we will deal with immediately, if we are able to. If we require your response to an enquiry, then we will call or email you in order to obtain your instructions. We will not write a letter and passively await your response, which can cause considerable delays. As at every stage of the process, we are pro-active and look to progress matters quickly and with the minimum disruption and inconvenience to you.

Once a transfer deed has been received from your buyers’ solicitor’s you will be invited in to the office to sign the contract and transfer deed. Alternatively, these can be sent to you by post, provided all Identification requirements have been satisfied.

Once, we have signed contract and transfer deed and your confirmation that you agree with the redemption figure and completion statement, we will proceed to an exchange of contracts. It is at this stage that both the seller and buyer become legally bound to complete the transaction on the future date specified in the contract. There are of course financial consequences for failing to complete once contracts have been exchanged and you should not instruct us to exchange contracts unless you are certain that you are able to complete on that date.

Once contracts are exchanged, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have made all the necessary arrangements to move out on the agreed date of completion. We will require your forwarding address in order that we may liaise with you following completion. You should inform your utility providers that you are leaving and obtain final readings on the completion date and confirm them to your provider.

On the day of completion, we can send the net sale proceeds to you by cheque or instant Bank transfer if you would prefer. We are only able to make payment to the names of our clients and require copy bank statement where the net sale proceeds are to be transferred to. We will pay your selling agents fees, redeem the mortgages registered against the property and deal with any other post completion formalities.

Following completion, we are required to provide your buyer’s legal advisors with proof that your mortgage has been paid in full. There is however, nothing else required from you.


  1. Forward protocol forms to seller for completion and prompt return.
  2. Liaise with all parties to ensure an early or exact completion date can be agreed.
  3. Request mortgage redemption figure and confirm figure to seller with a draft completion statement.
  4. Deal with any enquires raised by the buyer’s legal advisors.
  5. Obtain sellers signature to Contract and Transfer Deed
  6. Agree a completion date and Exchange Contracts
  7. Complete the sale and account to the seller with the net sale proceeds.

Seymour Luke are committed to providing excellent levels of service and communication with a friendly approach

CLC Recognised body number - 505693.

VAT Number - 116 503 152
Company Registration Number - 6848916
Director(s) - Philip Luke - Solicitor & licensed conveyancer


Seymour Luke Licensed Conveyancers