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Seymour Luke Licensed Conveyancers


We understand the importance and the necessity particularly in the current economic climate to restructure and refinance what will be a client’s biggest asset, their home or second property. By paying off the existing mortgage held over a property and taking a new mortgage provides an option to raise additional finance needed for alternative investment or home improvements. We also understand the importance that this finance is obtained at the very earliest opportunity.

Upon receipt of your instructions, we will obtain a redemption figure calculated up to the date upon which you wish to complete the remortgage. How quickly the new mortgage is received depends upon your new lender and or your mortgage broker. We do however; take a pro-active approach in speaking with your broker and or lender to ensure that the mortgage offer is provided at the earliest opportunity.

Once, the mortgage offer is received, we will immediately deal with any of your lenders requirements and undertake the necessary searches and safeguards. We will provide you with a completion statement itemising the money required to pay of the existing mortgage and the net remortgage proceeds available to you on completion.

Once you have signed the mortgage deed and confirmation received from you regarding your preferred completion date, we will request the remortgage advance and complete the transaction at the very earliest opportunity.

On completion, we will pay off your existing mortgage and transfer the net monies due to you by way of direct Bank Transfer, which clears in to your chosen Bank account on the day of completion. We will then deal with the post completion formalities of registering your new mortgage at HM Land Registry.


  1. Receive your instructions and obtain existing mortgage account numbers
  2. Chase up broker and or lender to ensure new mortgage offer is received without delay.
  3. Request redemption figure on existing mortgage or mortgages.
  4. Receive new mortgage offer and deal with any requirements.
  5. Obtain clients signature to new mortgage deed and provide completion statement.
  6. Request new mortgage advance for clients specified completion date.
  7. Receive new mortgage monies, pay off existing mortgage and account to client with net remortgage monies by way of direct Bank Transfer.

Register the new mortgage at HM Land Registry and provide you with documentary confirmation of the registration of the new mortgage.


Seymour Luke are committed to providing excellent levels of service and communication with a friendly approach

CLC Recognised body number - 505693.

VAT Number - 116 503 152
Company Registration Number - 6848916
Director(s) - Philip Luke - Solicitor & licensed conveyancer


Seymour Luke Licensed Conveyancers